RNT MotorWorx, Cornwall

Welcome to RNT MotorWorx - specialists in Servicing, Diagnostics & Repairs in Cornwall.

We offer a local, friendly service in Par, Cornwall. We can carry out routine maintenance including servicing, brake check/repair/replacement, cambelt check/repair/replacement and much more.


P38 Range Rover Air Suspension Faults Diagnosed and Repaired at a fraction of dealer cost using the latest air suspension specific software.

Call in for your free air suspension checkup.

We utilise the latest diagnostic tools to help identify and fix your faults as cost efficiently as possible.

Our state of the art equipment plugs directly into your car and can diagnose potential issues within minutes, helping us to minimize the time your car is off the road and reduce labour costs to a minimum.

We use the forte range of advanced motor flush formula. This helps clean engines internally and provides anti-wear protection. Specifically designed for todays modern advanced engines.